21st Birthday Gifts That Will Impress

Isn’t our perception of age an intriguing subject? When we’re tiny, even a teenager looks 3 generations ahead of us and we’d swear our parents are nearing 100. When we reach our late teens it’s a bit of a shock to be labelled an adult and even people in their 30s are well past middle age.

As we reach that age ourselves, we start to realise our parents are really not that much older than ourselves after all. The shocking thing from then on is that we notice celebrities on TV getting younger and younger by the day. Go to a pub and you’re surrounded by peachy skinned youths who look like they’ve just come out of nursery school.

As we grow older it’s also easy to lose touch with what’s important to the generations that follow us. If you belong to the older generation, you’ll know just what a challenge it is to keep up with the latest fads that interest all the different age groups.

One minute your granddaughter is into Pokn, next thing it’s Hannah Montana that’s all the rage. What looks good to you would only make your grown-up children cringe and as for the latest gadgets, well you’ve only just learned how to switch a mobile phone on.

So what are the chances of impressing your family with 21st birthday gifts that are right up their street? If it sounds like a challenge, we may have it all wrapped up for you. No matter how many generations you’re crossing, there are bags of 21st birthday gifts that you’ll agree are just right for your children, your grandchildren, your nieces and nephews, or whoever is celebrating this year.

Impressing Her

Everybody knows that chocolate is the way to every girl’s heart, so why not give her the ‘Ultimate Chocoholics Indulgence Tin’. As 21st birthday gifts go, chocolates may seem unimaginative, but this little package is something extra special. Packed to the brim with fudge brownies, muffins and truffles, it’s simply irresistible. If you prefer more lasting 21st birthday presents, look to something she can treasure for ever that will always remind her of you.

The Engraved Gift Box with Heart Necklace and Earrings’ is a stunning jewellery set, young and delicate in style and your own personal message engraved on the tactile chrome gift box is the ultimate finishing touch. Something that never changes through the generations is that every girl loves to be pampered and there are plenty of ways to provide her with those gorgeous bubbles and smellies. Whether you choose the ‘Mini Pamper Hamper’, the ‘Pamper Me Bathroom Bundle’ or the ‘Ultimate Pamper Hamper’, you’re sure to be onto a winner.

Impressing Him

You may think it’s going to take a lot to impress him, but he’s sure to be delighted with a range of 21st birthday gifts that appeal to those masculine needs for technology and girls! With the amazing ‘Takeaway Website’, he’ll have everything he needs to set up his own website with just a few mouse clicks. So he’ll be able to look forward to selling items online, setting up his own blogs and message boards, anything in fact that he wants to do within the confines of his own web space.

If he’s a fan of the Playboy lifestyle, the ‘Playboy Share Gift Box’ may be right up his street. Playboy was the original lad mag with its revolutionary insights into the world of glitz and glamour and a cheeky chappy approach to sexy centerfolds. Now is his chance to buy into that lifestyle by acquiring real shares in the Playboy empire, surely an impressive gift for any man approaching 21!

More foolproof solutions

Of course, what is likely to impress them more than anything is the imagination you’ve put into choosing their 21st birthday gifts. If you take a look at the range of experience days on offer, you’ll find a fabulous choice of activities they’re guaranteed to love. If they’re the energetic outdoor type, they’re sure to get into the spirit whether you choose white water rafting or rock climbing. But this is their 21st birthday, so maybe something truly out of this world is on the cards.

If you feel their daredevil streak will stand up to it, why not consider 21st birthday gifts such as their very own flying lesson, a ‘Tandem Skydiving Experience’ or ‘Military Vehicle Driving’? And if you have a lady to impress who just deserves some serious pampering, there’s a wide selection of experience days for her including the ‘Luxury Health Spa Day Gift Pack’, the ‘Express Manicure and Pedicure’ and the ‘Deluxe Glamour Makeover’, which will leave her looking fabulous for her special party!

Eighteenth Birthday Gifts

The eighteenth birthday is considered a major milestone in an individual’s life. The eighteenth birthday is a youngster’s formal transition from adolescence to adulthood.

Turning eighteen officially marks the end of childhood and the beginning of significant new changes in one’s life. When you turn eighteen, you are no longer a child; you can make your own decisions and vote. The law recognizes you as an adult.

It is no surprise that parents, family members, and friends wish to give a gift that is of a lasting value on such an occasion. Eighteenth birthday gifts are not difficult to come across; keeping pace with the latest trends will do the trick. Most teenagers like to receive a birthday present that is cool and unusual. Traditional gifts, such as keys and tankards, symbolize this new period of life. Keys with the number eighteen attached are symbols of the entry into adulthood. Popular eighteenth birthday gifts include stylish purses, movie and concert passes, perfumes, belt buckles, baseball bats, curling irons, hair dryers, fishing poles, magazine subscriptions, a photo album with pictures of the recipient since birth, silver or gold jewelry, books, the establishment of a bank account, a subscription to an exclusive club or gym, a hot-air balloon ride, and sports memorabilia.

Greeting cards with messages and advice focused on the future of the receiver will be treasured keepsakes. A champagne bottle with a customized label is a highly appreciated eighteenth birthday gift. Electronic gadgets and toys like palm pilots, personal digital assistants, DVDs, wireless camera phones, MP3 players, and video game systems and accessories are also welcome eighteenth birthday gifts. Eighteenth birthday gift ideas also include buying the person lessons to an adventure sport like skydiving, kayaking, windsurfing, sailing, deep-sea diving, paragliding, and water-skiing. You can even opt for a luxury dining experience or a weekend at a health resort or spa.

A variety of trendy, reasonably priced eighteenth birthday gifts catering to any budget is available from online stores.

Finding the Best Birthday Gifts for Milestone Birthdays

Milestone birthdays which are usually the 1st, 16th, 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, are very significant in most people’s lives. They usually signify a transition from one phase of life to another and encourage the birthday boy or girl to act accordingly. A milestone birthday is a special event that cannot be ignored. This usually signifies finding the best birthday gifts that celebrate this rite of passage. This article discusses finding the best birthday gifts for milestone birthdays.

A milestone birthday usually means taking the time to consider your life, your goals and what you have accomplished or not accomplished in your life up to this point. This is a great time to focus on yourself and the level of growth you have attained so far and any changes that you need to make.

The great thing about these birthdays also is that they usually call for elaborate birthday celebrations and elaborate gifts. To celebrate a coming of age, some serious partying is usually called for.

The first birthday is usually the beginning of milestone birthdays and is a big deal for families. This is usually more of a celebration for the parents and their friends with various gifts for the small child. This can get messy for the child since they also get a small cake or slice of cake and being a child, they simply dig in.

The 13th birthday may or may not be celebrated as a milestone birthday. This is the time that the child becomes a teenager which may be significant for them. This for them is a first step on their way to adulthood. Finding the best birthday presents for them usually involves determining their interests and hobbies and then finding the most suitable birthday presents.

The 16th birthday is a significant birthday celebration especially in the US because this age means that your child will be able to obtain a valid driver’s license. This is usually a first step to freedom and is usually celebrated in an elaborate way. Many girls have sweet sixteen birthday parties complete with a sweet sixteen tiara and receive various elaborate birthday gifts.

The 18th signifies that you are no longer a child and can vote, join the military, etc and are legally considered an adult. This also usually occurs at a time when the first year of college start and some of the best birthday gift ideas include various gifts that will make the college experience more enjoyable.

Full adulthood is achieved with the 21st birthday as this age signifies that you are now able to legally consume alcohol. Vegas trips are usually common during this time to celebrate turning 21.

The next milestone birthday is when someone turns 30. This means a time when you need to get your stuff together or begin to start making progress with who you want to become and where you want to go in life.

Turning 40 is not usually looked forward to as much as previous birthdays as you are considered to be “over the hill” to unless you develop a different perspective. Women usually hate this birthday. This is not a time to fret about turning 40 but to celebrate getting older and being comfortable in your own skin.

After this birthday additional milestone birthdays such as 50 are celebrated every 10 years. There are various gifts that you will be able to obtain whether you have a small or significant budget that will be appreciated by the various recipients.